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No Limit Locator

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The best app in the App store to locate your friends and family - No Limit Locator!
This subscription app contains many features in helping you find your friends (MAKE SURE YOU READ ALL).

• Locate your friends at the same time or individually (we may limit the total number based on load.)
• If your device has a compass and video camera, you can use Augmented Reality to locate all friends at the same time or individually (the Augmented Reality feature means you can use your video camera to scan your surroundings to locate people). The Augmented Reality feature is available through in app purchase (One-time purchase).
• If your device has a compass, you can use the Compass, orienting Maps, to help point you to all your friends or to one individual. Compass feature will show a dark transparent directional compass to the friend/pin you select. Useful for finding friends if you haven't purchased Augmented Reality yet.
• For your friend views (Augmented Reality, Compass, Map, Listing), you will be able to see: Speed MPH, Course Heading Degrees, Distance (Miles/Feet), Altitude (Feet). Compass and Map functionality also adds Zoom to One and Zoom to All functionality.
• You can get directions using Maps to any of your friends.
• You can get directions to any of your friends within the app, using standard Maps app or other 3rd party apps that we detect you have installed. No Limit Locator can launch apps like: TomTom, Telenav, Google Earth, MotionXGPS, MotionXGPSDrive, Navigon, NavFree and NavMii apps.
• You can chat with your friends. Some sounds will play locally and remotely (not just remotely) making it funner to interact. My kids love it and your kids will too. It uses push notification service and it's not texting.
• If the data cache for location, friend, or listings expire, you can hit refresh to get new information, otherwise, it will load the cached version. This can help with load or if you have Internet connectivity issues.
• The listings will report the last time your friends updated their location.
• A fully featured Flashlight can run in the app. Accessible in AR(if purchased) and in its own section. Features include: On, Toggle, Off, Instant Off/On, Instant On/Off, Blink, Sound/Melody/Beat Detector, SOS, Morse Code, Strobe, Speed Multiplier with Reset, Many Timer Features, and Dark Screen w/ Minimum Touch. The Flashlight feature is available through in app purchase (One-time purchase).
• This app requires a monthly subscription to provide services to you.
• Battery saving when iPhone has minimum movement. If you are not moving much, the app will cycle through a battery saving modes by setting up a small geo fence region that lasts for 15 minutes then turns on the GPS for a few minutes for more accurate movement detection. If you cross the geo fence region and if you are moving, the GPS will continue to draw on power and detect movement until you stop moving. Your location will be sent to the Locator Service for your friends to view (throttled at 1 minute).
• Locator settings allow you to send updates after exiting the application and warn you upon exiting the application regarding your updates.
• Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Not enough room to list all features! 5 screenshots don't do this app justice! More features and screenshots available at

To use this app it will require a subscription:
• The title of service will be called "Locator Service".
• Subscription does not auto-renew. In order to continue to use the service, after your subscription expires, you can buy another subscription.
• The length of subscription will be one month and priced at $1.99 a month (or less if on sale).
• Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
• No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.
• A new subscription is required for each device/email address.
• Subscription is not-transferable to new or different devices/email addresses.
• If you create a new email address, friends are not transferable to another email address. You must friend them again with your new email address.

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Michael Steele Copyright 2012
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